Note: From December 2021 Inomize’s resources are part of Meta, as a result Sythra in no longer representing Inomize.

Inomize is the leading ASIC and FPGA design services company working for all the major semiconductor companies, numerous startups and system companies. Inomize can do complete SoC designs from spec to GDS and can even provide supply-chain services. Further they are specialized in layout, IPs, or sub-blocks, from high-level spec to GDS, and anything in between.

Inomize is both a TSMC DCA and a TSMC VCA. Being a DCA means that Inomize gets direct support from TSMC, and do not have to go through a 3rd party. Being one of the very few TSMC VCAs (Value Chain Aggregator) means that Inomize can offer TSMC manufacturing services.

Inomize is an ARM Approved Design Partner and has extensive experience with Cadence- and Synopsys tools and IPs.

Inomize has extensive experience in:

  • Automotive designs (LiDAR, ADAS, and more).
  • Wireless telecommunications (4G, Base stations, Wi-Fi).
  • Wired communications.
  • Consumer Electronics (Touch panel controllers, 3D cameras, and more).
  • Medical devices.
  • Ultra-Low Power.

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