Sythra Technologies is now representing ArterisIP the on-chip interconnect company.

Arteris is founded by networking experts who applied their knowledge to the problems of SoC development. As SoC makers added more IP blocks to chips, traditional bus and crossbar means to communication became very inefficient, resulting in serious pain to architects, designers, and integrators: Massive numbers of wires, failed timing closure, increased heat and power consumption, and spaghetti-like routing congestion leading to increased die area.

Arteris Network-on-Chip (NoC) architecture borrows concepts from the computer networking arena and adapts them to system-on-chip design constraints. The network on chip solution optimizes performance, silicon area, and power, and reflects an in-depth understanding and integration of the constraints imposed by SoC implementations and semiconductor processes.

Applications include Automotive, AI, Mobile, IoT, Consumer and Telecommunications.

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