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Arteris Network-on-Chip IP.
Sythra Technologies is now representing ArterisIP the on-chip interconnect company.

Arteris IP FlexNoC Interconnect Intellectual Property is Acquired with Enflame Technology for Numerous Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

Arteris, the major Network-on-Chip (NoC) interconnect Intellectual Property supplier makes it possible for much faster AI training within cloud datacenters.

Arteris IP, the world’s top provider concerning silicon-proven commercial network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect intellectual property (IP), made public that Enflame (Suiyuan) Technology has actually selected to acquire several licenses of the Arteris FlexNoC interconnect Intellectual Property for usage as the on-chip connections backbone of their machine learning (AI) ICs for cloud datacenters.

Enflame is actually a China-based startup company that has obtained pre-Series a financial investment from Tencent Holdings. It is creating Artificial Intelligence coaching systems-on-chip (SoC) that use semantic networks. Such ICs make use of numerous hardware accelerators in order to enhance the pace and precision of semantic network training whilst decreasing data center energy usage.

Enflame selected Arteris IP FlexNoC interconnect with respect to their |ICs due to the fact that it:

  • Allows easy development of frequent topologies utilized in Artificial Intelligence ICs, like meshes and rings.
  • Has features in order to multicast and/or broadcast information on the interconnect, that may help in reducing off-chip memory accesses.
  • Enables very high data transfer off-chip connections using 1024-bit wide data access to high-bandwidth memories (HBM) adhering to the JEDEC JESD235A HBM2 requirements.
  • Help decisive end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS) abilities, ensuring data transfer as well as latency deadlines for vital on-chip interactions.

Arteris FlexNoC interconnect Intellectual Property is the solely interconnect which enables the Enflame AI chips to accomplish their high data transfer demands whilst even satisfying the quality of service (QoS) criteria. Making Use Of the Arteris NoC IP enables the Enflame chip design to take optimum benefit of cutting edge HBM2 memories to stay clear of system-level data starvation, that can be a big concern for efficient AI training ICs.

Enflame’s selection regarding Arteris FlexNoC interconnect Intellectual Property is evidence of the Arteris NoC IP’s benefits in advanced neural network-based Artificial Intelligence and machine learning ICs. Modern} AI training and inference ICs need the Arteris NoC technology to guarantee reliable data sharing among tens and even hundreds of on-chip processing components} and hardware accelerators.