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Attopsemi Leverages Cutting-Edge FinFET Technology to Deliver Next-Generation OTP Solutions.
Attopsemi OTP NVM for AI and IOT.

Attopsemi™ develops state-of-art logic-compatible One-Time Programmable (OTP) IP cores for SoC integrations to save development time and efforts and high reliable.

Attopsemi’s I-fuse™ OTP memory is the ideal NVM technology that offers the best technology without the usual NVM shortcomings such as high temperature failures, the need for high programming voltages, or a redundancy for advanced process nodes.

Attopsemi Head Quarters – Hsinchu, Taiwan

I-fuse™ OTP solutions are available from 0.7um to 7nm in a broad range of foundry – and IDM processes. It offers high reliability, small size, high density, low power, scalability, wide temperature range (-55°C to 300°C), and high yield.

Attopsemi’s I-fuse is a foundry INDEPENDENT One-Time-Programmable Memory IP which requires NO additional masks, NO additional process steps, and NO Charge-Pump.

I-fuse™ is a non-destructive OTP technology base on electromigration that offers up to 100x better reliability, 1/100th of the cell size, and 1/10th of the program current compared to electrical fuse (e-fuse) technology.

Attopsemi’s I-fuse can guarantee zero program defects and less than 0.01ppm pre-program defects.

The I-fuse can be programmed and read in low and standard I/O voltages, eliminating the need for a charge-pump or a doubler for reading.

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