Attopsemi presented their Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology for AIoT (Artificial Intelligence combined with Internet of Things) at the Shanghai FDSOI forum.

On September 18, 2018, the 6th Shanghai FDSOI forum was attended by many representatives from leading IoT companies.

In a presentation by Shine Chung, Chairman of Attopsemi, the benefits of I-fuse NVM memory technology for AIoT were demonstrated. I-fuse for FD-SOI is a 3rd generation revolutionary non-volatile memory technology for advanced process nodes.

Attopsemi’s I-fuse is proven for extreme low power and low voltage operations at advanced process nodes. An example is an application operating at 0.4V and consuming less than 1uW in a battery-less IoT application.

During the AIoT presentation, Attopsemi presented it’s NVM technology providing a road map to sub 7nm process nodes using its innovative I-fuse technology.

Contrary to conventional OTP technologies which are based on charge storage or oxide breaking technologies, I-fuse uses electromigration, a technology which scales to advanced nodes without the need for redundancy or ECC. The Attopsemi I-fuse OTP IP enables one-time-programmable non-volatile memory IP for automotive and internet-of-things applications.

During the AIoT speech, Attopsemi demonstrated that the I-fuse OTP technology has been qualified for high temperature storage (HTS) at 250 degrees Celsius for 1000 hours without defects.

More detailed information will be announced in joint press releases and published in IEEE conference soon.

Attopsemi OTP for FD-SO
Attopsemi OTP for FD-SO