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Arteris FlexNOC for Artificial Intelligence.
Sythra Technologies is now representing ArterisIP the on-chip interconnect company.

Arteris is the leading provider of Network-on-Chip interconnect semiconductor intellectual property to System on Chip makers. The Arteris IP allows them to reduce cycle time, increase margins, and easily add functionality from one SoC design to the other. Unlike traditional interconnect solutions, Arteris’ plug-and-play technology is flexible and efficient, reducing wire congesting and timing complexity, allowing designers to optimize for throughput, power, latency and floorplan.

Arteris NoC IP offers the following features:

  • The separation of transaction, transport and physical layers.
  • The packetization of data allowing to define adjustable bit-widths by means of flexible serialization.
  • The support for any transaction protocol, whether ARM AMBA, OCP, or proprietary

The Arteris FlexNoC IP for AI.

The optional Arteris FlexNoC AI Package automatically generates mesh, ring and torus interconnect topologies. Unlike black box compiler approaches, SoC architects can edit generated topologies as well as optimize each individual network router, if desired.

Arteris FlexNoC IP for Functional Safety.

The optional Arteris FlexNoC Resilience Package offers a hardware-based data protection for increased SoC reliability and functional safety. In addition to providing functional-safety compliant IP, which can be used as a starting point in the preparation of ISO 26262 compliant SOCs.

When to use Arteris NOC IP:

  • Need to connect different IPs
  • Need for low Power
  • Need for performance
  • Need for flexibility

Arteris NOC Advantages, in a nutshell, are:

  • 50% less wires than other solutions
  • 30% less area
  • Low Power
  • Flexibility & Scalability through “LEGO Block” approach supporting more than 100+ IP interfaces
  • Automation through a single GUI, resulting in development time saving.

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